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Murder Warrant
The Constable
The Indian Horse
The Blacksmith
The Coverup
Going Bad
Word Of Honor
Hack Prine
Texas Cowboys
The Queue
Matt For Murder
No Indians
Joe Phy
Mavis Mccloud
Young Man With A Gun
Obie Tater
The Handcuffs
Dooley Surrenders
The F.U.
Helping Hand
Matt Gets It
Love Of A Good Woman
Kitty Caught
Ma Tennis
The Patsy
Smoking Out The Beed
Wrong Man
Bone Hunters
Magnus Proudfoot
Kitty Lost
The Bottle Man
Robin Hood
Chester's Murder
Sins Of The Fathers
Young Love
Chester's Hanging
Poor Pearl
Kite's Reward
The Trail
The Mistake
Horse Deal
Bloody Hands
Skid Row
The Gypsum Hills Fued
Born To Hang
Reward For Matt
Potato Road
Robber Bridegroom
The Liar From Blackhawk
Cow Doctor
The Reed Survives
The Army Trial
General Parsley Smith
Uncle Oliver
Ben Tolliver's Stud
Tap Day For Kitty
Innocent Broad
Johnny Red
Indian Scout
Doc Quits
Change Of Heart
Alarm At Pleasant Valley
Indian White
The Barton Boy
Good Girlbad Company
The Coward
Trouble In Kansas
Brush At Elkader
The Choice
The Second Choice
The Preacher
Dutch George
Amy's Good Deed
Sunny Afternoon
Land Deal
Scared Kid
Twelth Night
Puckett's New Year
Doc's Revenge
How To Cure A Friend
The Bureaucrat
Legal Revenge
Kitty's Outlaw
The New Hotel
Who Lives By The Sword