The education of future generations, regarding historical events in the history of the United States, has always been within the highest tradition of this country's educational system. Leaving a living legacy for our progeny, connecting the present to our historic roots, gives our children a needed sense of culture and belonging. These radio shows hearken back to another era in our collective history, an era where the whole family would gather around the old wooden and vacuum tube window to the outside world and listen to such classics as George Burns and Gracie Allen, Inner Sanctum, The Shadow, The Lone Ranger and Gunsmoke.
Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce Global Warming through the reduction of greenhouse gasses. Instead of going out for dinner and a movie, using massive amounts of fossil fuels and spewing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, you can eat in, followed by a romantic visit to yesteryear listening to adventure, mystery, comedy, a good western or wherever this site takes you. Although a few electrons were inconvenienced by bringing these radio shows to you, the combustion of fossil fuels were greatly reduced over dinner and a movie out.
All of these files are virus and carbon free!
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