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Lion Hunting
Lou Substitutes For Joe Dimaggio
Bank Robbery w Marlene Deitrich
Knights in Shining Armor with Merle
Hunting Guide with Claire Trevor
At the Circus with Alan Hale
Nylon Stockings with Lucille Ball
Formal ThanksGiving Dinner Party
Trip to Palm Springs with Veronica Lake
English Butler with Arthur Treacher
The Wild West with Lynn Bari
The Lawyer with Bert Gordon
Matrimonial Agency
Lou's Engaged to Judy Canova
Visit to a Sanitarium with Peter Lorre
With The Great Gildersleeve
Charles Laughton
Making a Movie with Dorothy Lamour
Blondie & Dagwood
Snow White With Blondie And Dagwood
With Hedda Hopper
Who's On First
Costello Buys Gifts For Cast
Matrimonial Agency
Visit To Tin Pan Alley
Christmas Shopping
Merchant Marines
Stolen Oranges
Guest Rudy Vallee
New Press Agent
Spanish Acting School
Costello Gets A Tatoo
Return To Patterson
Lou Hides From His Girlfriend
Opening A Gas Station
Lou The Fireman
Christmas Party
Costello's Beauty Shop
The Sheriff Of North Hollywood
Lou Goes To Racetrack To Lose Money
Nuts And Bolts
The Baseball Player
Lou Builds A House
Who's On First
Christmas Program
Unknown Title
Unknown Title
Unknown Title
Unknown Title
Unknown Title
At the Races
At the Ranch
Christmas Program
Costello Has A Cold
Costello The Stunt Man
Costello's Horse Peanut Butter
Father's Day
Girls, Girls, Girls
Gold Ore
Guest Bert Gordon
Guest Judy Canova
Kids Program with Red Rider
Lou Is A Delegate To The UN
Mudder And Fodder
Niagria Falls skit
No Details - 2
Room & Board
Shootin' Dice
Spanish Acting School
Susquehanna Hat Company
The Shell Game skit
Up and Down
Variety Show
Who's On First
With Linda Darnell