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The Second Hand Car
Marriage Vows
Beautiful Baby Contest
A Case of Bullion
Andy the Sailor
Engaged to Hatie McDaniel
Birthday Gift for Sapphire
The Invention
Sapphire's a Wanted Criminal
The Cigar Stand
Homesteading in Alaska
Kingfish's Marital Problems
Kingfish Sells Andy
Kingfish's Travel Bureau
Sapphire Wants a Vacation
Kingfish Runs A Rest
Andy The Gentle Man Farmer
Insurance Plan
Raiding the Piggy Bank
Adopting Andy
Kingfish's Marital Woes
Hosptilalization Plan
Andy Saves the Millionaire
Selling Andy a Cabin for $250
Andy Wins Car in Raffle
Kingfish, the Marriage Broker
Real Estate Broker
The Hot Fur
The Secret Melody
Correspondence School
Tourist Sight Seeing Agency
Mysterious New Years
Kingfish's Conscience
The 1877 Nickel
The Antique Piano
Lapsed Insurance Policy
Amos & Andy
Amos & Andy
Andy and the Gun
Photo Of Jewelry Store Robbery
Andy's Heiress Waitress
Unknown Title
Pawn Shop Robbery
Kingfish Finds $500
Kingfish Is Evicted
Andy Inherits $2000
Kingfish's New Boarder
Kingfish Has No Friends
Cahrmaingn Larue & Her Mother
Kingfish's Car Used in Robbery
Andy Has Two Dates At Once
Friendly Loan Company
Turkey Falls off Truck
TV Set Raffle
Andy Vs Abigail Simpson Brown
The Bungling Burglars
Amos & Andy
Flower Shop
Andy And Eloise Walker
Imitating the Happy Harringtons
Andy Goes To Charm School
The Census Taker
Lodge Convention in Chicago
Andy's Inheritance 1
Andy's Inheritance 2
Andy's Inheritance 3
Job At Pine Crest Lodge
Kingfish Is Drafted
Kingfish's Enlistment Problem
The Beaver Coat
Kingfish Suspects Foul Play
Christmas Show
Sapphire's New Love Interest
Is Sapphire Expecting
Stolen Car Mixup
Mama and Mr Smithers Again
The Parking Lot
The Lonely Hearts Club
Kingfish Sees Saphire on TV
Amos & Andy
Job at Import Export Garage
Mother In Law Stays with Kingfish
Cousin Sydney Moves In
Annual Lodge Hall Picnic
Kingfish, the Nightclub Spotter
$3000 Diamond Ring
Aptitude Test
DePiester's Party
Engaged to Susan Bennett
New Boarder, Chester Benson
Sapphire Looking for romance
Sapphire's Sister Moves In
New Neighbors
Wedding Invitation Mixup
Breaking Up Andy and Madame Queen
Long Lost Husband
Jobs as Office Cleaners
Leroy's Oil Stock
10,000th Show